About US


Inspired by Venus, the goddess of beauty and love, Veneci Swimwear believes that all women should always feel beautiful no matter what, and get to enjoy the beauty that this wonderful world has to offer.

 Our designs are created for real women who love life and are always seeking new adventures. With always the woman’s body in mind, we want to take away the hassle of buying bikinis because we believe that bikinis should fit your life.

Created with the highest-standards of quality, in each piece you’ll find a different story, different fit to fit all your layers.   

Come with us as we walk you through the wonderful magic that is our Summer of India Collection.

Inspired by the colors, figures, and culture of India, each piece of our Spring/Summer 2018 collection takes something of this beautiful country. From the prints to the color blocks of our suits each piece brings you the magic of this country with high regards to cut and fit so you can feel glamorous and comfortable in each and every one of our suit.




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